The sewerage network is a basic service that every city must have.

Due to the complexity of its implementation, its strategic location and its impact on the order and cleanliness of the city, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that these are the appropriate solutions that comply with quality, design and low cost.

These types of networks have several accesses for proper maintenance, which are protected with covers, typically made of metal or hydraulic concrete.

However, these do not always fulfill their functionality. Despite its properties to withstand continuous pedestrian passage, heavy transport and inclement weather, its functionality is reduced over time, due to subsidence or cracks that can even cause damage to pedestrians or cars exposing them to fall into they. Additionally, metal lids are of interest to thieves for sale and reuse in other cities.

Net Solutions has installed in Guatemala City, more than 6,500 units of polymeric concrete lids in the telecommunications infrastructure and private companies such as Empagua, Municipality, to improve the operation of the sewerage network, ensure pedestrian and vehicular safety, thus also keeping the order and cleanliness of the country, since its material is not coveted for sale or rejection.

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