We have highly qualified, trained personnel with the necessary equipment and tools at the regional level. We are specialized in the design, planning, implementation, execution and maintenance of cell phone operator sites.

We carry out preventive and corrective operations, of the basic infrastructure, electromechanical equipment, air conditioning equipment, electrical generation and protection system, fuel supply for continuous operation, as well as the.

Therefore, we support the implementation of new technologies, GPON, (Gigabit capable Passive Optical Network), HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) coaxial fiber hybrid networks, so that operators can deliver more and better services.

We carry out the design and construction of HFC nodes, from which the descending signals (operator) come out, culminating the installation with each of the network users, through the installation of active and passive equipment such as nodes, power sources, amplifiers, dividers signal and coaxial cable.

For the new subscribers (network users) of the operators, we support the adhesion of the old network to the new fiber optic infrastructure with GPON technology, ensuring continuity and quality until the installation at the customer’s home (last mile work).

We have personnel trained in the design, layout and construction of fiber optic, GPON and HFC networks with high speed transmission capacity.

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