Infrastructure in Data Centers

Network infrastructure and active equipment. Cabinets and hallway containments. Mission critical power and backup systems. Precision air conditioners. Technical floor and grounding systems.

Fire detection and extinction using clean agent. Autonomous Micro Data Center. Monitoring and control focused on energy saving DCIM.

Power solutions
  • Power quality measurement
  • Commercial and Industrial Power Backup Equipment
  • Inverters and rectifiers
  • Battery banks
  • Photovoltaic & MG Power Solutions
  • Suppression of voltage spikes
  • Grounding systems
  • Lightning rod
  • Controlled lighting
  • POE lighting
Electronic security
  • Video surveillance
  • Pedestrian and vehicular access controls
  • Parking control
  • Fire detection and extinction
  • Intrusion systems
  • Security Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Facial recognition, license plates, counting and classification of people via artificial intelligence - analytics
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Network infrastructure
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Smart Parking
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BMS building management system
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Active Teams
switches - access points - firewalls
Meeting rooms
Conference rooms
Video conference
HaaS, IaaS, Vaas
Net Solutions offers for all corporate technology solutions, the As a Service option, that is, the option that the client can receive the solutions as a service, can rent the equipment and can receive support and maintenance (preventive and corrective) as part of a service contract at specified times.
Professional services
The technical and professional support that guarantees the proper functioning of the equipment and the performance offered. For this, it has a team of professionals who support each project, from its design, to its execution and maintenance, providing training, advice, cooperation in each phase of engineering and putting the equipment into operation, as well as a professional after-sales service.